Summer Hunt
Getting Ready To Ride
Bison I
Golden Morning
6"x6" o/panel
Creekside View
6"x6" o/c
Catching The Sun
Northwest Hope
10"x10" oil on canvas
Wind Catchers
8"x8" o/panel
Autumn Sojourn
Seasons Change
After The Rain
Wild Salmon Skies
That Kind Of Day
8"x8" o/panel
Walking The Wind
Flying In The Mist
8"x8" o/panel
Hidden Pond
Glimpse Of Blue
Sky Music
Amber Clouds
River Watch
Blowing In The Wind_edited
6"x6" o/c
Autumn Creek
6"x6" o/c
Lone Tree
6"x6" o/c
Two Lone Trees
6"x6" o/c
Down Valley
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