Originally hailing from Berkeley, California I was barely nine when we moved to a very rustic ten wooded acres in the countryside of Bellingham, Washington.  I grew up out of doors, playing in the fields and forests while often being pounded by Pacific Northwest rain.  This was the beginnings of my sky search. I did and still do, watch the sky. I also sketch, photograph and paint it.  

While pursuing my BA degree in Studio Art from Western Washington University I was fortunate to study under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Schlotterback and Tom Sherwood. After graduating, I spent a decade working in various jobs, all in the managerial field. By 1992, I was able to enter the art arena professionally. In 2003, I followed my heart to Portland, Oregon where a few years later, I opened my own Studio/Gallery just minutes from my home. 



Artist Statement


Much of my work is an internal reflection depicting a scene, a moment in time, or a feeling of a place I've been. I am particularly inspired and awed by the striking terrain as well as the tumultuous and temperamental skies of the Pacific Northwest. The incredible beauty of the natural world holds endless inspiration for me. When beginning a painting, I initially rely on "plein-air", photographs and memory, but shortly thereafter, spontaneity and intuition take over to become integral components of the process. I find that I often return to certain themes, forms and compositions and in doing so, landscapes become my prevalent focus and trees, water and skies have a special fascination as their imagery frequently appears in my paintings. Rather than represent each setting with a faithful accuracy to the original physical source, I strive to capture and evoke a sense of spirit and emotional intimacy using shape, color, light and space. My art stands as an embodiment of inward states of mind and being, and serves as the receptacle of reminiscence, longing, loneliness and promise.