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I welcome the opportunity to create a commissioned painting. Depending on the size, it will usually take between 4 to 6 weeks to complete.  In the initial stages, I like to find out which of my current paintings resonate with you the most, as I need a full understanding of the various aspects that most appeal to you, including size, colors, subject matter, texture, and composition.


During the entire process, you will receive several emails showing the progression of the painting. I will work closely with you to make sure you are completely satisfied. Your input is what will make this piece, special.


I collect 50% of a non refundable deposit up front. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the painting.  Shipping and insurance costs are to be paid by the purchaser.  


All oil paintings, on canvas or paper, are executed on properly treated surfaces. All matting is archival and considered to be museum quality. The glass is standard unless indicated otherwise.  

Please email me at my studio if you have any questions. Thank you!

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